Everyday Upkeep & Building Repairs

On-Site Maintenance


Condo Maintenance Services

In addition to cleaning, an ongoing maintenance contract can keep everything in working order, so your residents never experience an interruption in their amenities.

Step 1: On-site Consultation

During your FREE in-person consultation, we walk through your property with your designated maintenance manager and outline common needs.

Step 2: Ongoing Maintenance Schedule

Once we’ve identified the number of days you require service, our maintenance manager will maintain everyday items and will perform any pre-approved day-to-day repairs.

Step 3: Submit a Ticket for Larger Repairs

Sometimes things require more maintenance than what’s covered in our day-to-day. We submit these to the board for approval and include cost estimates -- so you only pay for what’s approved.

What We Maintain

Salt Ice Melt
Maintain Garbage Room (identify and schedule removal of large items)
Report Stolen, Damaged or Improperly Installed Lockboxes
Report Bylaw Infractions to the Board (Christmas lights past deadline, items stored in parking stalls…)
Monitor Vendors for Snow Removal, Landscaping and Garbage Pickup
Accompany Fire Inspectors through Building and Grant Access to Individual Units
Intercom Updates
Post Notices
Install Elevator Pads for Moving Days
Changing Light Bulbs
Paint and other general repairs to the common areas as part of the general upkeep

See how ongoing maintenance can enhance your resident experience