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Commercial Condo Cleaning


Condo Cleaning Services

An ongoing cleaning schedule keeps your common areas in tip top shape. It reduces wear and tear, extends the life of your finishes and fixtures, removes allergens and germs, reduces the risk of injury on wet floors and maintains the overall appearance of your condo building.

Lobby & Entrances
Laundry Room
Garbage Room
Vacuum Carpet and Mats
Garbage Disposal and Receptacle Cleaning
Spot Clean Carpets
Dust Mop & Wet Mop Hard-Surface Floors
Dust & Spot Clean Baseboards
Clean Windows and Frames
Clean Standing or Hanging Directories & Signage
Spot Clean Walls, Light Switches & Partition Glass
Dust Furniture and Fixtures
Vacuum Window Coverings
Dust HVAC Vents
Replace Burnt Out Light Bulbs (within reach)
Discard Debris
Wash the Outside of the Washing and Drying Machines
Clean Laundry Room Sink
Wash Elevator Wall Panels

Step 1: On-site Consultation

We start with a FREE in-person consultation, after which, we perform a deep clean to set the baseline and then begin your customized cleaning plan.

Step 2: Personalized Services Begin

Our most common schedules are daily, semi-weekly or weekly. During your regular cleaning, we will outline which tasks are completed and how frequently they fall into your schedule.

Step 3: Monthly Reporting

Every month we do a full walk through of the property and note any items in need of more attention or repair, so you can decide how to best allocate your budget.

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Bundling your cleaning services with stack cleaning, maintenance and concierge at a reduced investment for faster responsiveness to emergent or unpredicted needs.

Let us get to know your custom needs