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Your Entire Condo Resident Experience

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GoJaxon’s Story

Cleaning & Serving Calgary Since 2016

GoJaxon began as a response to a need, a need to consolidate a condo building’s care into one company.

Having to vet, schedule and correspond with a cleaning company, maintenance team, stack cleaning service and concierge team can burn through your valuable time and budget. To save condo boards and condo managers from repeating the same process with each vendor, GoJaxon provides all of these services in one place -- with one point of contact.

Condo boards can rest assured that their residents’ experience is put at the forefront with a company that responds to all of their needs, reducing response time and increasing productivity.

Did you Know?

On average, our cleaners have over 15 years of experience!

Meet Fabrice Vermeer

Our Director of Operations, Fabrice, joined our team in 2018. Her experiences in finance and as an ERP Consultant have led GoJaxon to more streamlined processes with higher efficiency.

Her expertise in process mapping, provides condo managers and our staff with clear and concise deliverables, so everyone understands each condo building’s unique needs.

Say hello to Fabrice & learn more about our comprehensive services