Managing all of the units and maintaining all of the common areas in a condo building can be overwhelming and stressful! If you manage a condominium, there is a lot to maintain, from floors to pipes to the security system and everything in between.

To help you with the arduous task of keeping your building in tip-top shape, here is our guide of 5 tips to help you maintain your condo building.


1. Complete Regular Inspections

Regular facility walk-throughs are the only way to ensure common areas of your condo property are properly maintained. We recommend that you create an inspection calendar to ensure you don’t experience any oversight over the little things. 

Some things to keep in mind on your walkthroughs are:

  • Look for stolen, damaged or improperly installed lockboxes
  • Make a note of bylaw infractions to report to the condo board (Christmas lights up past deadline, items stored in parking units, etc.)
  • Look for any lightbulbs that need replacing
  • Note any chipped paint, water damage, and any other general repairs needed to common areas
  • Make sure fire alarms, sprinklers, etc. are in working order

As part of our commercial condo maintenance services at GoJaxon, we offer monthly reporting. Every month we do a full walkthrough of the property and note any items (including everything listed above) in need of more attention or repair. You can decide how to allocate your budget best to address these issues.

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2. Maintain and Repair Building Systems to Avoiding Expensive Replacements

With proper care and attention, you might be able to make certain appliances and systems last a lifetime. If you want to avoid major problems and expensive damage repairs, keep an eye on the building systems starting with HVAC, electrical systems and plumbing. 

Condominium maintenance is much more cost-effective than having things completely replaced. 

Feel overwhelmed by the many appliances and systems that need to be inspected and maintained within your condo building? As part of our maintenance service, we take the stress out of condo maintenance. We can report maintenance needs, submit service requests, and schedule vendors for small repairs, pre-approved by you. 


3. Maintain Security and Safety

Preserving the security of your condo building is essential to the experience of your residents. Make sure that areas like parking lots, garages and entry points are well-lit and monitored. Furthermore, ensure that all the exterior doors and common areas lock securely. 

The peace of mind and comfort your condo residents will experience from these measures taken will be well worth any expense it may cost.

To help maintain the security of your condo building, our concierge services include building camera monitoring. We can also help ensure your residents’ safety by applying salt ice melt to all walkways in the winter to prevent falls and injuries when sidewalks get icy. 


4. Avoid Costly Plumbing Issues With Stack Cleaning

When everyone in the condo building shares the same main kitchen and sewer lines, clogs and buildup can occur. Make sure that you have a professional visit every 1-3 years and clean all the major drains and sewage lines. This will help in reducing the risk of clogs and backed up drains.

At GoJaxon, we offer stack cleaning to ensure your residents’ pipes don’t back up or overflow into their living spaces. Our auger removes grease, food, waste, and any other debris discarded down the sink and toilets into the mainline, restoring the stack’s functionality and avoiding costly repairs and replacements.

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5. Don’t Forget Your Outdoor Spaces

Landscaping should look clean and polished. This includes fences, gates, yards, streets and parking lots. Make sure everything is trimmed and tidy—lawns, trees, and shrubs. This will serve to improve the overall look of your building. 

In the winter, make sure your snow removal vendor regularly clears your parking lot and, as we mentioned earlier, ensure your sidewalks are always snow and ice free

As for streets and parking lots, make sure they are well lit and paved correctly. Unsightly items like trash should be collected on a regular basis. Confirm your trash collection schedule with your vendor and ensure they stick to it so that garbage doesn’t pile up.

As part of our condo maintenance services, we monitor your vendors for snow removal, landscaping and garbage pickup and clean your garbage room, including identifying and scheduling the removal of large items.

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A well-maintained building tends to have more satisfied owners and residents. It shows better and maintains its value better than comparable buildings that are not adequately maintained. Overall, consistently maintaining your condo building will save you time and money and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed by a growing to-do list.

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