You’re on the ball. You’ve got regular cleaning set up for your condo and you’ve got all of the usual suspects covered like your lobby, hallways and elevators but it still just doesn’t seem clean. 

When you walk the property with a keen eye and from the perspective of your owners, you spot things you hadn’t noticed before. Your parking garage is littered, your laundry room is lint-covered and your garbage room has lingering smells. 

If you’re scratching your head, wondering why these areas aren’t covered within your cleaning contract or why they weren’t mentioned in the first place, talk to us, we’ll create a thorough plan for keeping your condo sparkling clean. 

But first, let’s cover the areas you may not have thought to have professionally cleaned.


1. Laundry Room 

This hub is top of our list for a reason — it’s frequently used by your residents and clean clothes don’t deserve dirty folding tables. 

Your residents don’t want to spend all that time and effort (and quarters) just to have to wash their clothes twice because the area surrounding the machines isn’t clean. Worse yet, if the seating areas are just as off-putting and they’re forced to retreat to their units during the cycle. 

So as you consider each touchpoint your residents have within your building, don’t neglect this room. 

Depending on how much use it gets, we can adjust the frequency for which we clean this room within your regular cleaning schedule. 

Learn More about a Regular Cleaning Schedule.


2. Garbage Room

If we could have two #1s on our list, this would be tied with your laundry room. Contrary to popular belief, just because your garbage is disposed of in this room, doesn’t mean it needs to look and smell like garbage too.

We’re not promising roses here, but having this room regularly tackled by your cleaning crew means it doesn’t smell like it’s been roasting in the hot sun all summer long.

Instead, adding this to your regular schedule means your floors are swept and mopped, your door handles and buttons are sanitized and any spills are properly absorbed. 

It keeps the room clean and tidy with an extra layer of disinfectant so that it’s not the most avoided room in your building.

Ready to bring your garbage room out of the dumps?

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3. Mechanical Room 

Your mechanical room is often overlooked because it’s not resident facing, but you value your staff and contractors just as much, so keeping their area presentable is a big plus. 

It makes their work easier when they can access the proper controls without wiping away inches of dust beforehand and also keeps your building safe since dirt and buildup can be a fire hazard. 

If this is a room that isn’t used as frequently or only checked on once in a blue moon, having it regularly cleaned ensures there are observant eyes to watch out for any irregularities that our cleaners can flag with your team. 

Our cleaners won’t pretend to know how to fix your mechanical issues (that’s for our maintenance team), but we can let your team know if there’s a leak or any other concerns.


4. Parking Garage 

Your parking garage doesn’t need to be spotless but it does need to look cared for. You can hire professional cleaners (and we can recommend some companies) or have it kept tidy regularly. 

We do the latter and will help you keep on top of any litter. As with all of our services, we’ll keep you updated with suggestions if we feel like it could use a little more TLC.


5. Outdoor Spaces

If your residents are lucky enough to have access to outdoor spaces like a rooftop patio, you want to make sure you maintain them throughout the seasons. 

Whether that’s general cleaning throughout the warmer months or maintenance throughout the colder months to prevent damage from snow and ice — we can help you manage it all.


The GoJaxon Difference

Our experienced team at GoJaxon will do a complete walkthrough of your building with you when you request a free consultation. We’ll assess how often each area within your building needs to be cleaned (or maintained) and our recommended amount of days each week it will take to complete. 

We’ll consider your budget and your resident experience throughout it all, so you can focus on running the rest of the building.

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