Hiring a regular cleaning service comes with a long list of benefits — most obviously, your condo building is always clean! Generally scheduled a few times a week, it allows you to keep on top of regular wear and tear through your building’s most used areas. 

But what about the times you didn’t think to schedule an added day? Well, we’ve got you covered with the top times you should schedule your cleaner outside of routine cleanings.


Moving Day 

You may not be responsible for the state of the unit itself when a resident buys or sells, but you are for the rest of the condo building. 

We know you wouldn’t want to leave those dreaded cardboard scraps littered on the ground or the mud from their dolly drug across your hallway floors.

When you schedule your cleaners for the pre-booked moving date, we’ll set up and take down your protective elevator mats and then clean any and all areas your residents and their movers went through. 

Some condo buildings even charge an additional fee for residents who are moving in or out to cover this cost. 

Read more about preparing for a move: 4 Tips for a Successful Condo Move.


Post Construction 

Everyone loves an updated building with fresh tile, new furniture and glistening fixtures, but it doesn’t happen at the flick of a wand. 

Construction is messy. It takes over your building no matter how big or small the project is as footprints track dust wherever they go. And even before you’ve cleared the boxes, your new glass tabletop has fingerprints on it from installation. 

Schedule your cleaner throughout your construction phase to keep the mess down and once again at the end to put the final touches on all of your hard work. 

The same can be said when you know residents are doing their own upgrades. Communicate those timelines with your cleaners and have them pay particular attention to the areas the construction crew are accessing. 


Spring Cleaning

Truth be told, every season has its challenges and requires its own special cleaning needs but spring is when your residents start to re-emerge from hibernation and are most looking forward to a fresh start. 

Just like you would your home, schedule a spring clean to reset your space. 

This one-time deep clean gets into every nook and cranny. At GoJaxon, we freshen your walls with a full scrub, tackle any salt residue from the winter and remove any dust as allergy season rounds the corner. 


Community Mix & Mingles

We are all for a good party! Whether you host sociables or cocktail hours with your residents or they do themselves in your common room, be sure to have your cleaners scheduled the following day. 

We all know how condo 4B likes to talk with their hands, no matter the glass of red wine in them. And 5A gets so carried away with the pretzels that half of them end up crushed on the floor. 

A bit of a mess is a sign of a good time had, but the feeling isn’t the same the following day. Don’t leave your common room with a hangover that lasts longer than the party itself — have your cleaners scheduled first thing. 

Have an event in mind? 

Schedule your cleaner today.


Check Your Calendar for Your Next Occasion

No matter the occasion, it’s important to plan ahead and have your one-time cleaning needs scheduled. These one-off events can generate the most mess and are most noticeable by your residents. 

Get in touch with our team to see how we can meet your cleaning needs on an on-going or one-time basis.