Your condo building is home to some of your most valued tenants, and maintaining a high level of cleanliness is important to them and to your brand. 

When entering your building, your residents should be greeted with sparkling floors, streak-free windows and elevator doors so shiny they can see their own reflection in them. 

When your reputation is on the line, you want to make sure you’re comfortable with who you’ve hired to take care of your cleaning needs. But finding a reliable cleaning company in Calgary can be difficult. 

Protect your brand, your resident’s experience and your owner’s ability to fill their rental vacancies with consistent and reliable commercial cleaning services. 

Here’s what to look for when hiring your condo cleaning company:


They Work on Your Schedule  

Depending on the level of traffic your main areas see, you may need cleaning services at different levels of frequency. Look for a company that will suit your needs and, subsequently, your budget.

Think about how your needs could change throughout the seasons as Calgary goes from a snowy winter to a muddy spring and everything in between. 

We recommend cleaning services 5 days a week for pristine cleanliness or we can offer services that are tailored to your building’s needs.


They Create a Cleaning Checklist 

It is important to be transparent with your cleaning company about your needs upfront. They should do a walkthrough with you and, from that conversation, outline your cleaning expectations in a defined scope of work within your contract.

Ask yourself:

  • Which spaces will require cleaning? Think about any common areas like the lobby, hallways, front entryway, etc… 
  • Will each item need cleaning every day or only twice a week? For example, should your hallways be vacuumed daily or twice a week?
  • Will certain times of year need more attention? As winter arrives, your tenants will track more snow and salt indoors and your floor may need more care. Allergy and flu seasons are other important times of year to consider for a thorough deep clean. 
  • Are there specific values your building has promised that your cleaning company needs to uphold? Do you promise an eco-friendly environment or the highest level of cleanliness?

We can help you narrow this down based on our experience with other commercial condo buildings — after all, that’s what we specialize in! 

Oftentimes, we start a contract and our clients needs change or increase, keep us in the loop as things arise and we’ll do our best to accommodate. Most frequently, when a contract changes it’s because we’ve started off cleaning two to three times a week and the need increases to five days a week to keep the common areas in tip-top shape. 

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They Treat Your Residents Well 

Finding cleaners that are discreet and treat your residents with politeness and respect can be difficult to come by, but when you experience that level of service, you won’t want to go back. 

Your cleaners are going to be in your building for extended periods of time and the same as you’d expect your concierge team to greet your residents with a smile and hello, you should expect the same of your entire team. 

We treat your business as a part of our own. As such, we recognize that a good experience on the ground is important to keep your residents happy.


They Make Sure You’re Covered

Look for a company that takes safety seriously. This not only benefits the cleaners but your residents as well. 

A company that is insured with WCB coverage puts your business protection at the forefront. They are ensuring that they uphold their contract with you and are protecting their relationship with you. 

On top of it all, look for transparency. A company that gives you full transparency into the costs, the deliverables and the timelines will give you peace of mind in your decision.


The Company for You 

Overall, you want to find a company that works best for you. They should consider how frequently your building needs to be cleaned, what needs to be cleaned (and how frequently) and be a good representative of your business as they do it. 

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