Imagine this: you come home after a long day at work, you’re dead tired and ready to crash on the couch with the takeout you’re expecting any minute but your parking spot has been taken by someone else. You circle the parkade until you find an empty spot that doesn’t belong to you knowing you’ll need to come back later and move your car. You walk in the main door of your condo building and your fob takes 5 attempts to unlock the second set of doors — something you’ve flagged with the board multiple times. 

You finally make it into the building and get to the elevator to realize, it’s not working again. Didn’t this day just get a whole lot worse?

Now imagine this: you come home after a long day at work, you’re dead tired and ready to crash on the couch with the takeout you’re expecting any minute. Your parking spot awaits you vacantly, you breeze in the main doors, and the building’s concierge greets you. 

They welcome you home and ask how your day went. Then they hand you your takeout that just arrived moments before and wave goodnight as you call the elevator. 

That’s the difference a concierge can make. 


Removing Barriers to a Stress-Free Experience

When you hire an on-site concierge for your building, you’re investing in your resident experience. You’re telling your condo owners that you value them and that you care about their home from the moment they walk through the doors.

Most importantly, you avoid frustrating situations like the one outlined above.


What a Concierge Does 

Your building concierge is dedicated to your residents. They greet them, accept deliveries on their behalf, flag and coordinate repairs needed and keep an eye on the overall security of the building. 

They act as a liaison between your owners and the board. They’ll work with parking authority to maintain order in your parkade, assist with tasks like moving days or annual inspections and post any notices your board needs to be communicated to your residents. 

Your concierge is also fully up-to-date on any of your building’s emergency procedures. A pipe bursts? They know who to call. A fire starts in a unit? They know the evacuation plan and can communicate that to residents.

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What a Concierge Doesn’t Do

It can be easy to assume the concierge will become the catch-all for many resident- or board-related matters, but their primary goal is to monitor the building and assist residents with some tasks. 

For example, if a resident left a large item in the garbage room, the concierge wouldn’t remove the item themselves, but they would organize a garbage removal service like 1-800-got-junk.

Similarly, they can notify the board and help vendors on site when it comes to making repairs, but they won’t perform the repairs themselves. 

They’re there to streamline processes, not become a one-size-fits-all solution to anything the condo encounters. 


A Seamless Arrival Home 

At the end of the day, your concierge is there to make your lives easier for both the board and residents. Investing in the experience can make the difference between a condo resident staying for years or constantly flipping owners.

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