Disinfecting commonly used and touched areas is important throughout the year, but it requires special attention come flu season and even more so when there’s a flu pandemic. 

With any flu outbreak, limiting the spread by cleaning and disinfecting can help ensure your tenants stay healthy. 


How Viruses are Spread

Before you start cleaning, understand how viruses are most commonly spread. 


1. Through the Air

Virus-laden respiratory droplets can suspend and spread through the air from coughing or sneezing. This is why it’s important to reduce the number of people who come into contact with each other and restrict them from areas of your building when there’s an outbreak.

Beyond your residents, think about the number of people who pass through your lobby or elevators. Reducing the number of people who enter your building during these times can help mitigate the chance of infection.


2. On Surfaces

Most flu viruses can last on surfaces up to 72 hours. That’s a lot of opportunities for someone to open a door handle, call the elevator or even dispose of their garbage.

Ensuring your cleaning service is scheduled regularly and focuses on all high-touch items during flu season will help decrease the possibility of germs living the full length of their lifespan. 


3. Person-to-Person Contact

If the spread of a virus can come from a cough or even a door handle, the opportunity for germs to pass from one person to another is even more prevalent. 

Reducing as much contact as you can within these times is crucial. Think of ways your staff can remove these barriers and make their roles with other people contactless, for instance, have your concierge drop off deliveries instead of handing over packages.


Slow the Spread of Germs

Now that you know how germs can spread, it’s important you play your part in slowing the spread — this includes informing your residents on how they can help out.

Post notifications in your high-traffic areas informing your residents as to what you’re doing to help and give them a list of tangible items as to how they can help. 

Your notice could include items such as:

  • Stay home when you’re sick 
  • Self-quarantine after a trip when there’s an outbreak
  • Make arrangements to work from home when possible
  • Order essentials like groceries and household items online with delivery to your concierge or doorstep
  • Use apps like Doordash, Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats instead of going out to eat
  • Use meal prep companies like Calgary’s local Lean on Meals and Thai Manna to reduce your trips to the grocery store (other popular options include Hello Fresh and Chef’s Plate)
  • Video chat with family members and friends instead of seeing them in person

Ways you can limit the spread:

  • Use a concierge to handle packages
  • Screen visitors based on the chances they’ve come into contact with the virus & refuse access to those who don’t pass the screening
  • Close common areas like gyms, the lounge and/or meeting rooms
  • Use a doorperson to open the doors and call the elevator for your residents
  • Place hand sanitizer stations throughout your common areas
  • Encourage your staff to stay home when they’re sick 
  • Remind your staff of good handwashing practices
  • Schedule regular cleaning and disinfecting for your common areas


Cleaning and Disinfect Common Areas

Now that you’ve reduced the ways people can spread the germs and informed them of their personal impact, it’s time to clean and remove germs from your condo building. 

What to clean: 

  • All commonly touched surfaces like 
    • Door Handles
    • Concierge Desk
    • Toilets, faucets & sinks
    • Elevators and call buttons on each floor
    • Intercom panels

How to clean:

  • Wear disposable gloves when cleaning, change them often and thoroughly wash hands after removing them
  • Follow cleaning labels for the proper use of cleaners 
  • Clean with water and detergent/soap before using a disinfectant 
    • It’s important that you remove dust and debris before you disinfect in order to kill the germs and bacteria
  • To disinfect, use diluted bleach (⅓ cup per gallon of water) or alcohol solutions with over 70% alcohol
  • Get any soft items like curtains, pillow covers professionally cleaned

Learn More About Cleaning for Flu Season. 


How GoJaxon Can Help

GoJaxon is here to help you through these times. To maintain a high standard of cleanliness with a particular focus on disinfecting, we can help you prepare at the onset of flu season with a deep clean and maintain it with a regular cleaning schedule.

Learn about our cleaning services.


Our concierge services can help you eliminate the number of people entering your building by accepting deliveries and drop-delivering them to residents for a contactless experience. They can also help manage the on-site experience of your residents by sharing memos from management and monitoring common areas.

Learn about our concierge services.