Living in Canada, we become immune to ever-changing weather patterns but it doesn’t mean we want them tracked inside. An icy winter day can quickly turn into a muddy spring day in a matter of hours, leaving your condo lobby covered in ice, water, mud and everything in between.

As professional condo strata building cleaners, we take every possibility into account when setting up your cleaning schedules and options.

Keep reading to learn about the areas we target most during different seasons.


Spring & Summer


Freshening the Walls

As winter retreats for the year and spring emerges, the interior walls of your building may have taken a hit.

We can schedule a deep clean of your walls to give them a full scrub, which can be worked into your contract or scheduled as part of a one-time spring cleaning checklist. This targets any debris or markings that could have splashed up from your floors.

As part of our regular, ongoing cleaning checklist we give these a quick wipedown, but a full deep-clean will restore them to their original shine and colour. If the walls have been damaged beyond cleaning, we will make a recommendation to paint the walls.


Remove Dust

For some, allergy season can last from spring all the way through until fall. Throughout the summer, allergens can have more of an impact on your building when they blow off of the roadways into your main areas.

Help your residents with their allergy symptoms by having your common areas dusted more frequently over the summer. It will not only help with unwanted sneezing and itchy eyes but also visibly brighten up your space with spotless surfaces, including hard to reach areas and piping.

We highly recommend adding your window coverings to your list. Blinds and curtains can attract dust and require dusting or washing throughout the year.

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Fall & Winter


Scrubbing the Floors

Perhaps the most abused surface in your building is your flooring. Whether they’re covered in tile or carpet, they need extra care as the outdoor elements come into contact with them.

When caring for tile, we remove any salt stains, ensure the area is properly marked with signage when wet and mop up any water or mud spread by boots.

For carpet, we extract soaked-in moisture, shampoo out any stains and vacuum up dirt and debris. Thorough cleaning scheduled monthly throughout the winter can help extend the life of your flooring and keep it looking like new.

This cleaning goes beyond your lobby entrance and includes your elevators, stairwells, hallways and the entrance from the parkade.


Adding Mats

To protect your carpet and tile, we suggest adding mats to your entryway and elevators in the winter through a rental service. Target the areas that see the most foot traffic. This includes hotspots where snow may have the most time to melt and puddle between the entrance and condo doorways.

Scheduled replacement and cleaning of the mats can be arranged to avoid sopping wet mats sitting on your flooring for weeks at a time. We recommend booking this weekly or biweekly to help prevent water, dirt and salt from being tracked across your floors. These can reduce the amount of cleaning needed and also help prevent slips and falls by adding a traction barrier between your resident’s boots and the floor.


Outdoor Snow Removal

Catch the problem before it enters your building with outdoor snow removal. Have your sidewalks cleared regularly to help decrease the amount of snow and ice that enters your condo building.

We suggest keeping in close communication with your snow removal company. They often charge on a per kg basis and may oversalt your sidewalks, which will cost you more in salt and in cleaning to keep on top of what’s traced into the building.

By clearing your sidewalks you can avoid city fines and increase the safety of your residents and other pedestrians.

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Every Quarter

Every quarter we recommend scheduling a full deep clean. We always recommend a deep clean so that we can start fresh when a new contract is signed. Similarly, our experience shows that quarterly refreshes do wonders for your common areas.

They address the cleaning needs mentioned above and then some. We thoroughly clean your baseboards, HVAC vents, light fixtures, upholstery and even prep for flu season by disinfecting all surfaces.

Elevate your resident’s satisfaction with a cleaning service that addresses their needs before they become noticeable. After all, you know your service is working for you when you don’t hear anything at all from your residents.

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