Attracting high-end residents to your condo buildings requires continual dedication to the appearance of your building. It’s the first thing your residents see as they enter their homes and can have a big impact on their desire to purchase a unit.

If home reno television shows have taught us anything, it’s that a first impression can make or break a property.

You can increase the property’s value, attract more residents and keep your current residents longer by maintaining the curb appeal of your building.


1. Landscaping

There’s nothing like a properly maintained lawn, especially in downtown Calgary. If you have the room for a proper green space, weekly lawn care by a professional landscaping company might be your best option. They’ll keep your grass trimmed and your flower beds thriving and weed-free.

Depending on your residents, you may even have the option of adding community garden beds, allowing them to plant their own fruits, veggies and flowers. This adds to your curb appeal and their overall home experience.

If you don’t have space for a full green area, consider adding year-round planters to your entryway. During the spring, you can request that your landscaping company plant sweet-smelling tulips that are in bloom and in the summer, change them to Alberta-native Alpine Asters to add a pop of colour and to attract butterflies.

During the winter months, they may add thick, bushy evergreens with festive bows and lights to decorate your entrance.

Either way, look for a company that will maintain your plants all year long. Ideally, they’ll provide you with colourful options that don’t require a lot of water or daily care.


2. Snow Removal

As the colder months roll around, you can remove hazards for your residents by having your snow removed regularly. Your on-site GoJaxon concierge team can recommend a trusted local company to help with your needs.

They will shovel, de-ice and salt the sidewalks to reduce the risk of your residents slipping and falling. We find this helpful for all residents, but particularly any of your elderly residents that are at more risk to harming themselves from a slip or fall.

You can request scheduled upkeep or arrange for it to be handled more frequently to keep up with unpredictable snowfalls.

Learn about our concierge services, and if service was missed or ice builds up and needs to be melted, your GoJaxon concierge team can relay that to your removal company directly.


3. Graffiti Removal

Sometimes graffiti is welcomed and commissioned art, other times its unwanted scribbles left on exterior walls that you’re now responsible for removing. Instead of leaving unsightly scrawls on your walls until you have time to deal with it, hire a professional graffiti removal company to erase it.

They use efficient products and techniques to remove graffiti quickly and easily, so you’re not left scrubbing for an entire day. The products work to lift the paint, whether it be on brick, stone, metal or glass.

Graffiti removal can be booked as a one-time service, and if you’re targeted often or just want someone on the lookout for it, GoJaxon can notify you when the service is needed and provide images of the tags.

If it doesn’t fall within your budget, the City of Calgary can offer assistance with graffiti removal, check out their criteria.


4. Window Cleaning

There’s nothing more impressive than a lobby lined with floor-to-ceiling windows, not to mention an entire building lined with them. They visually expand the size of the building and can add a biophilic design element — seamlessly blending outside and inside. But when smudged or dirt-splattered windows obscure your view, they can seem like more of a hassle than they’re worth.

Keep your upscale design elements and include indoor/outdoor lobby-level cleaning with your condo cleaning services. As part of your common area checklist, have us add it to your year-round cleaning schedule, we’ll take care of you windows that don’t require a ladder to reach.

We also suggest contracting a highrise window cleaning company to take care of your windows beyond our reach. They’ll bring the proper rope-access or chair window equipment to tackle those out-of-reach windows.

Your windows within reach are often in higher traffic areas, see more fingerprints and require more frequent cleaning, so we recommend daily cleaning. But if you’re more concerned with dust and normal wear, weekly window cleaning may be all that’s required. For your out of reach windows on your mid- or highrise, these are often scheduled every three to six months.

Add Your Lobby Windows to Your Cleaning Checklist.


5. The Foyer

This may not feel as though it’s part of your curb appeal, but your residents, their guests and potential buyers all walk through your common areas, so they shouldn’t be forgotten!

The design of your space can have a significant impact on the overall appeal of your building. While the exterior may be more difficult to update as the years go on, adding a few new elements to your common areas can help provide that much-needed facelift. Consider working with a local designer to get their insights on small updates or their expertise for a full overhaul.

Regularly maintaining these areas with scheduled cleanings can help extend the life of your current design elements, saving you from needing to update as frequently. It also shows care for the entire building, no matter what residents or visitors touchpoints are with the building. Schedule ongoing cleaning services with GoJaxon and have pride in the experience you deliver to your owners.

Something as simple as adding a concierge to your lobby can further increase the experience you provide. When you bundle our concierge services with your cleaning service, you save on cost and can have your snow removal, graffiti or window cleaning dealt with more efficiently.


The Full Experience

Overall, think of the experience of your residents or their visitors as they arrive at your condo building. If this were their own single-family home, how would they want to present themselves to the neighbourhood and their visitors? From their arrival until they enter their individual units, how have you addressed every touchpoint?

Increase your resident satisfaction with the property, keeping them longer and adding to your overall property value by putting care and attention into your condo building’s curb appeal.

Find out how we can help.

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